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About Nichola McAuliffe

Nichola McAuliffe has covered most roles in her hugely respected acting career, from her influential work with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Royal National Theatre to her British television hit Surgical Spirit (1989 – 1995) and her recent appearances on the long running soap opera Coronation Street.

In 1982 Arnold Wesker wrote his series of one woman plays Annie Wobbler expressly for McAuliffe, but not content with conquering the classical theatre (and popular television), she has also won several awards for her roles in West End musicals, including Kiss Me Kate, for which she won the 1988 Laurence Olivier Award, and most recently Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, for which she was nominated for a further Olivier in 2003.

She has published two books with Bloomsbury, The Crime Tsar and the children’s story Atila, Loolagax and the Eagle, and is married to the journalist Don McKay.

Nichola McAuliffe audio book downloads:

The Water Babies Audiobook

The Water Babies Audiobook
Written by Charles Kingsley
Read by Nichola McAuliffe

There are very few children’s stories that have raised as much outrage in grown up politics as The Water Babies did when it first appeared in 1863. It was written by Charles Kingsley for his own little boy and shortly after he had been made tutor to the Prince of Wales. It seems fairly innocent at first, suggesting the gentle idea that when the poor little tykes who were used as human chimney brushes in the nineteenth century died, they were turned into water babies, small amphibious cherubs who headed off to paradise via an exciting and educational journey upstream in The Great River.

Innocent it wasn’t however, it changed minds, laws and eventually lives. Tom the young chimney sweep was responsible for more heartache amongst right thinking Victorians than any slightly wicked young chap off on an adventure has a right to be. This book is in fact a highly eloquent plea for the rights of child labourers, it also openly used the ideas of Darwin’s scandalous Theory of Evolution, and even put forward one of the earliest cries against pollution, but all this is hidden in one of the most moving and affecting children’s stories of all time.

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