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About Michael Cochrane

Best known for his role as Oliver Sterling in the long-running BBC Radio drama The Archers he can also be seen on tv playing Sir Henry Simmerson in the sharpe series starring Sean Bean.

As a specialist in playing upper-class characters whose suavity hides their underlying villainy Michael Cochrane’s voice is perfectly suited to John Galsworthy’s The Man Of Property which is available for download as an audiobook from Silksoundbooks.

Michael Cochrane audio book downloads:

The Man of Property Audiobook

The Man of Property Audiobook
Written by John Galsworthy
Read by Michael Cochrane

The Man of Property is the first in the vastly successful series of novels by John Galsworthy that became known as The Forsyte Saga, made world famous by the BBC production of the same name.

Soames Forsyte desires to own things, including his beautiful wife, Irene. He is jealous of her friendships and is determined that she should be his alone. He concocts a plan to move her to the country, away from everyone, but she resists his grasping intentions and falls in love with architect Philip Bossinney. However, Bossinney is the fiancé of her friend June Forsyte, the daughter of Soames's cousin Jolyon...

Brought to life by the crisp tones of Michael Cochrane, The Man of Property audiobook is available only by download from Silksoundbooks.

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