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About Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks will be most readily known for her portrayal of Bubble in the hit BBC comedy Absolutely Fabulous and the film The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice which showcased her remarkable ability to mimic, gaining her worldwide recognition and award nominations including the BAFTA award For Best Actress In A Leading Role.

Jane brings her unmistakable vocal talents to this unique collection of nursery rhymes available as an audio book for download from Silksoundbook

Jane Horrocks audio book downloads:

Sonnets from the Portuguese Audiobook

Sonnets from the Portuguese Audiobook
Written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Read by Jane Horrocks

Sonnets from the Portuguese, is a downloadable  audiobook collection of forty-four love sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning read by the award winning English actress Jane Horrocks

The collection was acclaimed and popular even in the poet's lifetime and it remains so today. Elizabeth was initially hesitant to publish the poems, feeling that they were too personal. However, Robert insisted that they were the best sequence of English-language sonnets since Shakespeare's time and urged her to publish them.

Jane Horrocks brings these poems to life in her own romantic and refreshing way for Silksoundbooks. Available in MP3 and iPod audiobook format for just £7.95 for immediate download.

Nursery Rhymes Audiobook

Nursery Rhymes Audiobook
Written by Anonymous
Read by Jane Horrocks

The wonderful 'Little Voice' of Jane Horrocks brings this exclusive downloadable audiobook collection of your favourite childhood Nursery Rhymes out of the dust covers of Mother Goose’s books and into strange and merry life.

Recorded with all the, often surprising, original words and verses this classic audiobook is absolutely perfect for very young children learning to speak!

Available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download and enjoy immediately.

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