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About George Cole

George Cole began his film career in 1941with his debut in Cottage To Let  which also starred  Alastair Sim who became Cole’s mentor. He attributes his success to his friendship with  Sim and went on to make a further ten films with him.  Most famous for the character 'Flash Harry' in the St Trinian’s films and 'Arthur Daley' in the British television series Minder, George Cole  delivers stunning performances of Charles Dickens’ famous Christmas classics - A Christmas Carol, The Chimes and The Cricket on the Hearth, all available as audiobook downloads exclusively from Silksoundbooks.

A Christmas Carol was a particular delight for him to read, having starred alongside Alistair Sim in the 1951 film Scrooge.

George Cole audio book downloads:

The Chimes Audiobook

The Chimes Audiobook
Written by Charles Dickens
Read by George Cole

The second of Dickens’ five Christmas novels, The Chimes is filled with an array of comic characters. It tells the story of Toby Veck, a humble porter whose loses his faith in human nature at the hands of his presumed social superiors, but regains it thanks to the spirits of the bells.

Like its predecessor, A Christmas Carol, it carries a heartfelt plea for charity and brotherhood and examines such distressing themes as suicide and infanticide, as well as the question of whether the poor have any right to live at all. The book also continues its predecessor’s vigorous satire on the social injustices of its day, and is perhaps more explicit and confrontational in its approach. The supernatural is also present, this time in the form of the spirits of the bells in a church tower.

A Christmas Carol Audiobook

A Christmas Carol Audiobook
Written by Charles Dickens
Read by George Cole

Financier & Money changer, Ebenezer Scrooge, is an old and bitter miser, who has devoted his life to the accumulation of wealth. He holds anything other than money in contempt, including friendship, love and the Christmas season. Over the course of one night he undergoes a profound experience of redemption having been visited first by Marley’s Ghost, then three different spirits who show him how his life could turn out…

First of the five Charles Dickens' Christmas stories, A Christmas Carol deals extensively with two of his recurrent themes, social injustice and poverty, the relationship between the two, and their causes and effects.

Download A Christmas Carol audiobook today for just £7.95

The Cricket on the Hearth Audiobook

The Cricket on the Hearth Audiobook
Written by Charles Dickens
Read by George Cole

Unlike his other seasonal stories, The Cricket on the Hearth is not a supernatural tale, but one of the perfect domestic scene with which Dickens was so obsessed throughout his writing. It is all here, the warmth of home, the loving little woman, the children, the food and the laughter all rolled into one very warming story

Ever since its publication, The Cricket on the Hearth has been the subject of dramatisation, including this latest audiobook download version from Silksoundbooks read by George Cole.

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