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About Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi was born in the East End of London and began his impressive career with an early leap to prominence when he played Hamlet for the National Youth Theatre. His successes on the stage whilst at Cambridge University led to a season at the highly regarded Birmingham Repertory Theatre where his performance as Henry VIII came to the attention of Laurence Olivier who invited him to join his newly formed National Theatre as a founder member.

Although Derek was becoming widely known for his stage work, his big breakthrough came in 1976 when he played the role of the emperor Claudius in the B.B.C production of I, Claudius which won great critical acclaim. He was Knighted in 1994.


Derek Jacobi audio book downloads:

Frankenstein Audiobook

Frankenstein Audiobook
Written by Mary Shelley
Read by Derek Jacobi

This audio book, read by star actor Sir Derek Jacobi tells the tale of Dr Frankenstein and the horrendous monster he unleashes on the world when he tinkers with the laws of Nature.

Frankenstein was the product of one of the most famous ghost story telling sessions in history; Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and several others were stranded on the shores of Lake Geneva during a particularly sodden summer. They challenged each other to come up with the most ghastly and soul rending story their sizable literary talents could muster and the hands-down winner came from Shelley’s wife – Mary Shelley.

The novel that emerged several years later has been recognised as one of the most chilling and gruesome horror stories ever written and it is certainly one of the most famous. It is however fathoms more than this, it’s a moving account of a battle for independence, it’s a warning against man’s pride in his ability to change the world with his blind pursuit of science.

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