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About Bill Paterson

Born in Glasgow in 1945, Bill Paterson began his professional life as an apprentice quantity surveyor, after three long years he decided that the life of a surveyor was not for him and he enrolled himself in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Thence began a career in drama which has covered most aspects of the craft. He toured Britain with John McGrath’s radical and ground breaking company 7:84, appeared with Billy Connolly at the 1972 Edinburgh Festival and he took Connolly’s play An Me Wi’ A Bad Leg Tae into the Royal Court Theatre in London.

He has appeared in a vast array of films, amongst them, The Killing Fields (1984), The Rachel Papers (1989), Truly Madly, Deeply (1991), Complicity (2000), Miss Potter (2006) and Amazing Grace (2006).

His television work is equally prolific, with his most recent roles being in Criminal Justice and Little Dorrit.

Bill Paterson audio book downloads:

Tales of Terror and Mystery Audiobook

Tales of Terror and Mystery Audiobook
Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Read by Bill Paterson

Trapped by the strength of the public adoration of his character Sherlock Holmes, Conan-Doyle was desperate to write other works not involving the sleuth. The Tales of Terror and Mystery have all the recognisable qualities that made Conan-Doyle’s work so popular, the attention to gruesome detail the meticulous logic and the intricate and wittily bemusing plotting, yet they are free of the constraints put on Conan-Doyle by Mr Holmes.

These stories let loose the adventurous side of the rational and logical mind that many associate with Conan-Doyle - the side that pulled him away from his medical studies as a young man to the Arctic Circle on a whaling ship and more importantly the side that led him to a firm belief that grew throughout his life in the occult and the spiritual.

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