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About Alan Howard

Alan Howard was born in 1937 into a theatrical dynasty. His mother’s family had been acting for five generations begun by his great-great grandfather Henry MacKenzie who defected from the family tradition of Scottish Ministry to escape to London and become Henry Compton playing, amongst many other roles, the gravedigger to Irving’s Hamlet. Others in the clan have included Compton MacKenzie and Leslie Howard.

His career began, as family tradition demanded as an Assistant Stage Manager sweeping the stage at The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, but fairly swiftly rose to a prominence in the English theatre enjoyed by very few actors.

Amongst his many film roles have been Cromwell in The Return of the Musketeers (1989), Michael in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989), Tom French in The Secret Rapture (1993) and the voice of the ring in the recent Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Alan Howard audio book downloads:

Markheim Audiobook

Markheim Audiobook
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Read by Alan Howard

The stabbing of an antique dealer on Christmas Day leads the murderer, Markheim to try to justify his life to the devil in an in depth discussion about the nature of good and evil. His evening ends quite differently from how he'd planned it and results in him making an admission of guilt for the killing...

Alan Howard's magnificent performance really brings out the mystery of this story.

Free with this audiobook we have included “The Pavilion on the Links” by Robert Louis Stevenson, read by Alan Howard.

Download both for just £7.95 direct to your computer

A Lodging for the Night Audiobook

A Lodging for the Night Audiobook
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Read by Alan Howard

In A Lodging for the night, a dissolute Parisian student finds himself forced into accepting the favors of a venerable and respected knight on a cold winter's evening in 1456. The ensuing dinner conversation is spellbinding.

Download this book and receive Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, also read by Alan Howard, absolutely FREE !

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Audiobook

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Audiobook
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Read by Alan Howard

The celebrated English actor Alan Howard reads Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterpiece - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde -  in this unabridged audiobook available exclusively from Silksoundbooks.

A nightmare from which he was furious to have been woken was the inspiration for this successful and famous work. Having been stirred from what he termed “a fine bogey tale” Stevenson set about putting his nightmare onto paper. It reputedly took him only three days to write but the story of a split personality, warring with itself between righteousness and immorality is as much a part of modern thought as it became in 1885.

The story of the upright and moral Dr Jekyll and his horrific and uncontrollable other within has been seen as an allegory for the chronic duality of the Victorian Era with its insistence on outward respectability and its underbelly of vice and exploitation. History has it that the first draft of the novella was burnt by Stevenson in response to his wife’s criticisms, possibly about the explicitly sexual nature of the wild Mr Hyde’s nocturnal exploits, and the chilling vagueness of the final version’s descriptions of his pursuits adds to the Victorian nature of the story as much as to the horror of the man.

Download Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and receive A Lodging for the Night by Robert Louis Stevenson FREE!

The Pavilion on the Links Audiobook

The Pavilion on the Links Audiobook
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Read by Alan Howard

Robert Louis Stevenson’s lengthy short story The Pavilion on the Links, was considered by Arthur Conan-Doyle to be “the first short story in the world”. This unsettlingly nerve-wracking tale is every bit as chilling as its much wider known follower The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and at the time of its publication was every bit as successful

Stevenson makes the choice in the story of having two fairly unpleasant characters for his main protagonists. Both deeply antipathetic to the rest of humankind, he is wickedly funny about the two men’s friendship which as the narrator himself confesses was “scarcely a companionship, but a coexistence of unsociability”.

Download The Pavilion on the Links, and get Alan Howard's reading of 'Markheim' by Robert Louis Stevenson   FREE!

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