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We like to make things easy for you!

Eight years ago when we started Silksoundbooks the iPod and other mp3 players were the favourite way to enjoy our superb audiobooks. You could download from the website to a PC and then transfer the file to the listening device.

With the introduction of smartphones, tablets and high speed mobile data, this is no longer the way the world works.

At Silksoundbooks we simply don’t have the resources to develop the apps and technology to cater for this new way of enjoying our recordings, so we are delighted to announce that very soon our unique library of unabridged audiobooks, read by star performers will be available exclusively through Audible, the world’s largest retailer of downloadable audiobooks.

We know that our customers want a simple way to download directly to their portable devices – whether it be Apple or Android, phone or tablet – and Audible has the apps to make this happen.

Although this Silksoundbooks website will no longer offer downloads to purchase, If you have a Gift Certificate to redeem or need access to a previous purchase, please don’t worry!

Simply email and we will send you a link to download your audiobook.

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