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About Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes was born in Uffington is what is now Oxfordshire, England. His father was a writer and the squire of Uffington and his mother was the offspring of three generations of its vicars. He was educated at one of England’s foremost Public Schools, Rugby at the time when the great educational reformer Dr Thomas Arnold was headmaster. His time under Arnold’s tutelage and influence affected him greatly, not only in terms of his most famous work ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’, but in his development into a lifelong campaigner for reform.

Thomas Hughes audio book downloads:

Tom Brown's Schooldays Audiobook

Tom Brown's Schooldays Audiobook
Written by Thomas Hughes
Read by Hugh Bonneville

The ultimate tale of bullying and how to survive it, Thomas Hughes’ hugely successful novel Tom Brown’s Schooldays charts a young boy’s tough but formative years at Rugby School and his battle with the great schoolboy baddie - Flashman. This unabridged classic audio book is brought to robust life in the lively and exhilarating reading exclusively recorded for us by Hugh Bonneville and available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.

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