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About Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was notorious, not only for his prodigious wit and elegance of phrase, but also for his flamboyant rejection of convention and conformity, establishing a lifestyle that brought him into disastrous conflict with the forces of sense and sobriety. Silksoundbooks’ own studio recording of Wilde’s imaginative comment on art, beauty and the public eye The Picture of Dorian Grey can be yours to download and enjoy on an audiobook for download for you to enjoy on your iPod, MP3 Player, mobile Phone or computer now. 

Oscar Wilde audio book downloads:

The Picture of Dorian Gray Audiobook

The Picture of Dorian Gray Audiobook
Written by Oscar Wilde
Read by Crispin Bonham-Carter

In this exclusive audiobook, available only from Silksoundbooks, the celebrated English actor Crispin Bonham-Carter brings Oscar Wilde’s classic story of the beautiful, vain, sinful and indulgent Dorian Gray stunningly to life.

The Picture of Dorian Gray must surely be one of the greatest works of classic gothic horror fiction. As the story of Dorian Gray unfolds, we learn how he houses his conscience in a portrait which slowly and hideously decays while he, ever more indulgent and under the influence of a poisonous “French” novel, remains untouched by age…  but at a terrifying price…

Available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format, download The Picture of Dorian Gray for just £7.95. exclusively from Silksoundbooks.

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