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About Henry Fielding

Henry Fielding was born into an aristocratic family at Sharpham Park, near Glastonbury in Somerset, England, in 1707. His mother died when he was eleven whereupon he was sent to Eton for his education. It was here that he acquired his lifelong devotion to Greek and Latin literature. Although his father was the nephew of an Earl and his mother came from a family of prominent lawyers he was steered towards a literary career by his elder cousin, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.

He came to London to write and in 1728 having had one of his first plays, Love In Several Masques, performed at Drury Lane, he decided to attend the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands to further his study of the Ancient Classics. On his return to England he concentrated on writing plays and became the manager of the Little Theatre in the Haymarket, London. His most famous and popular drama, Tom Thumb, according to one story, made Jonathan Swift laugh for the second time in his life.

Henry Fielding audio book downloads:

The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his Friend Mr Abraham Adams Audiobook

The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his Friend Mr Abraham Adams Audiobook
Written by Henry Fielding
Read by Rufus Sewell

Henry Fielding’s first full-length novel, published in 1742, The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams was also one of the first English novels. Fielding was melding and parodying the two major forces battling for control of the fiction of the time – the mock heroic, neo-classical tradition as practiced by Pope and Swift and the popular and populist fiction of the new novelists such as Defoe and Richardson. Richardson’s Pamela had just taken Britain by storm and following on the success of Fielding’s parody of the novel Shamela the story of Joseph Andrews follows Pamela’s brother in his journey as footman to the rather dippy Parson Adams. In style and form it imitates Cervantes Don Quixote, with the servant and master undertaking their major journey together, but the sexual adventures of the young Joseph Andrews and his sorely tested chastity provide the real meat of the book’s plot.

Rufus Sewell's voice lends itself perfectly to this audiobook download... we're sure you'll agree!

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