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About Gustave Flaubert

Born in 1821, Gustave Flaubert will always be remembered primarily for the publication in 1856 of Madame Bovary, a work that epitomizes his style and attention to detail. However at first it courted more controversy than praise, it not being understood that it was the beginning of something new in literature.
He began writing at an early age and in 1840 went to Paris to study law. He was not a good student and disliked the city eventually abandoning his studies.
He never married but had several affairs, eventually preferring  platonic relationships with other writers.

Gustave Flaubert audio book downloads:

Madame Bovary Audiobook

Madame Bovary Audiobook
Written by Gustave Flaubert
Read by Julie Christie

Very few novels have created as much outrage and adoration as Madam Bovary. This unabridged audio book, read by the aclaimed actress Julie Christie tells of  Emma Bovary’s attempts to escape the maddening boredom of being married to the wrong man, in the wrong town, with the wrong picture of her life via a series of very realistically described adulterous affairs.

This ensured that author Gustave Flaubert had practically the whole of France involved in the hullabaloo that greeted the novel’s publication in 1856. He was prosecuted for it (unsuccessfully), and then wildly fêted for it and his establishment as one of the most popular of literary geniuses is based on it.

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