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About Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Moulton-Barrett was born in Durham, England in 1806. Although her youth was fairly normal for a child of wealthy parents living on a large estate in the country with her eleven siblings, her father’s non-conformist attitudes meant that she was brought up in a manner completely contrary to most of her fellow nineteenth century women. Her father, a merchant made rich by the slave trade, forbade her from marrying but encouraged her to educate herself in the classics and to write. It was he who published her first book of poetry - when she was thirteen.

Her greatest work Sonnets From The Portuguese (1850) is a series of love sonnets for her husband Robert Browning. Such was her standing as a poet in Victorian England that she was seriously considered for the laureateship that was eventually awarded to Tennyson.
She died in 1861

Elizabeth Barrett Browning audio book downloads:

Sonnets from the Portuguese Audiobook

Sonnets from the Portuguese Audiobook
Written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Read by Jane Horrocks

Sonnets from the Portuguese, is a downloadable  audiobook collection of forty-four love sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning read by the award winning English actress Jane Horrocks

The collection was acclaimed and popular even in the poet's lifetime and it remains so today. Elizabeth was initially hesitant to publish the poems, feeling that they were too personal. However, Robert insisted that they were the best sequence of English-language sonnets since Shakespeare's time and urged her to publish them.

Jane Horrocks brings these poems to life in her own romantic and refreshing way for Silksoundbooks. Available in MP3 and iPod audiobook format for just £7.95 for immediate download.

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