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About Edmund Gosse

Edmund Gosse was born in 1849 in London. into a family of strict Plymouth Brethren. His father Phillip Henry Gosse was an eminent naturalist and writer of zoological literature. He was also a strict follower of the branch of the protestant faith known as the Plymouth Brethren and the young Edmund was brought up according to the strict puritanical edicts of the sect, hearing no fanciful stories, playing no distracting games and receiving much instruction on the word of the Bible.
His most famous work Father and Son is an account of his troubled relationship with his father which was dramatised for television by Dennis Potter.
He died in 1928.

Edmund Gosse audio book downloads:

Father and Son Audiobook

Father and Son Audiobook
Written by Edmund Gosse
Read by Geoffrey Palmer

The hugely popular English actor Geoffrey Palmer reads this superbly funny, agonising account of a very strange childhood.

Probably everyone has a swipe at their parents and the way they were brought up at some point in their lives, very few of us exact revenge to the extent that Edmund Gosse did upon his father.

The subtitle of the book is A Study of Two Temperaments and these were temperaments not destined to get on, Gosse Sr. was an eminent naturalist and zoologist and a keen follower of the Plymouth Brethren. Gosse Jr. had a natural leaning towards the arts and would grow up to be one of Victorian England’s leading literary figures. The battle lines were drawn. Throw into the picture the struggle already taking place within Gosse Sr (and most of the rest of the country) to reconcile his faith with the new Theory of Evolution as expounded by his fellow naturalist Charles Darwin and backed up by his own zoological studies and you have the makings of a seriously entertaining fight..

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