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About Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe is widely described as the father of the English novel: before the publication of Robinson Crusoe, the closest approximations were long poems or dramas. A man of multifarious careers – as a pamphleteer, in politics, trade, travel and as a religious thinker (his parents were dissenting Puritans) - all these interests and influences can be traced in his fiction.

Defoe’s beliefs and allegiances are hard to pin down – indeed, he had the reputation for being an unscrupulous mercenary in this respect. He was involved in the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685 against James II. He then apparently switched sides and became a supporter of William, joining his army. He found fame – and infamy - with his pamphlet The Shortest Way with the Dissenters. He was sent to prison in 1703 but was released in return for services as an intelligence agent and pamphleteer for the Tories. When they fell from power, Defoe continued to carry out similar work for the Whig government, later transferring his loyalties back to the Tories at the opportune moment.

Daniel Defoe audio book downloads:

Robinson Crusoe Audiobook

Robinson Crusoe Audiobook
Written by Daniel Defoe
Read by David Warner

This unabridged audio book of Daniel Defoe’s adventure story of the marooned mariner Robinson Crusoe is wonderfully painted for us by the compelling voice of David Warner.

Crusoe leaves England, setting sail from Hull on a sea voyage in September, 1651, against the wishes of his parents. After several voyages he is shipwrecked on a remote tropical island in the south pacific. Spending 28 years there, Crusoe encounters native Americans, captives, cannibals and mutineers before being rescued.

Download Robinson Crusoe as an audiobook for your iPod or mp3 player  read by David Warner for just £7.95

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