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About Arnold Bennett

Enoch Arnold Bennett was born in the town of Hanley in Staffordshire, one of the five Potteries towns that joined themselves together at the beginning of the last century to form Stoke-on-Trent. He began his working life in Stoke as a rent collector. But at the age of 21 he moved to London and shortly afterwards won a literary competition in the magazine Titbits and became a journalist. Working as the assistant editor on the periodical Woman he discovered it was difficult to find decent writing for the magazine so he wrote some for it himself. It was an immediate hit and his next endeavour became the hugely successful Grand Hotel Babylon.

He then devoted himself entirely to writing and began the Clayhanger series of novels wryly describing life in the Potteries towns in which he had grown up. In 1903 he moved to Paris where he married and continued to write prolifically becoming the most acclaimed British writer in America since Dickens.

Arnold Bennett audio book downloads:

The Card Audiobook

The Card Audiobook
Written by Arnold Bennett
Read by Stephen Tompkinson

The highly acclaimed British actor Stephen Tompkinson reads this unabridged audio book of Arnold Bennett's  very amusing novel - The Card.

With tricks of confidence and talent, the hero of the story, Henry Machin, makes his way up the social ladder of a Northern British potteries town to become a nineteenth century celebrity, with all the benefits and pitfalls that brings.

This exclusive and unabridged recording of Arnold Bennett’s The Card is available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.


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