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About Anna Sewell

Anna Sewell was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Her parents were Quakers, and consequently were active in many of the liberal campaigns of the day.
As a young girl, Sewell had a serious accident, which smashed the bones of her ankles irreparably, leaving her crippled for the rest of her life. She took to editing the popular children’s literature written by her mother, one of whose works sold over a million copies! In her early twenties, her life was revolutionised by the purchase of a chaise and pony, which gave her some degree of freedom - allowing her to drive herself about.
She did not begin writing until 1870, at the age of fifty, when she became almost totally housebound. She returned to Norfolk with her mother and began work on Black Beauty, her only novel.

Anna Sewell audio book downloads:

Black Beauty Audiobook

Black Beauty Audiobook
Written by Anna Sewell
Read by Colin Salmon

In this unabridged audio book, star actor Colin Salmon reads one of the most famous children’s stories ever written.   Black Beauty  is the story of the highly spirited and gorgeous black stallion and his transfer from owner to increasingly abusive owner until his final happy rescue.

The book was originally intended to be a campaigning work distributed to those who worked with horses in the middle of the nineteenth century, but has become a firm favourite with children of all ages!

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