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About Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope was born in the City of London in 1688 to Roman Catholic parents in exactly the year when, with the accession to the throne of William III, it became a disaster to be Catholic.

He started writing at a precociously young age, claiming to have written the Ode to Solitude at the age of twelve, and completing his first successful series of poems The Pastorals, by the age of twenty.

Pope became involved with the politics of the day early in his life – taking the classical lead, he was a firm believer in the role of the poet in everyday society, and his aggressive satires earned him many enemies.

In 1713 Pope began a revolution in poetic circles by securing a subscription based publishing deal for his translation of Homer’s Iliad, which would make him the first English poet to live off his poetry alone.

Alexander Pope audio book downloads:

The Rape of the Lock and Other Poems Audiobook

The Rape of the Lock and Other Poems Audiobook
Written by Alexander Pope
Read by Emilia Fox

The unabridged audio book The Rape of  The  Lock satirises a petty squabble over the theft of a lock of hair as recounted to Alexander Pope by a friend.   Pope wrote a mock-heroic narrative  parodying the gods and goddesses of  the epic style. Although comic at times, Pope never loses sight of the fragile nature of beauty.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744) is considered by many to be the greatest poet of the eighteenth century and is the third most quoted writer after Shakespeare and Tennyson.

Emilia Fox has recorded this specially selected audio book of some of Pope’s best loved poems for Silksoundbooks, bringing her own love of the works to her readings.

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