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Home » Audiobook Genres » Comedy » The Aspern Papers
The Aspern Papers audiobook from silksoundbooks

play a sample of The Aspern Papers as read by Jeremy Northam

Jeremy Northam's audiobook performances are astonishingly good.  It would be wonderful to think that this talented actor could be persuaded to record some more for Silksound. Jeremy Northam is such an intelligent and engaging interpreter of the written word...

HM - by e-mail

The Aspern Papers Audiobook

Written by : Henry James
Read by: Jeremy Northam

This exclusive audio book, read by the highly acclaimed actor Jeremy Northam is one of the wittiest and most scathing of Henry James’s novellas.

The Aspern Papers chronicles the attempt to extract the valuable letters of the famous and recently deceased poet Jeffrey Aspern from the hands of his past lover and formidable adversary in the battle, Juliana Bordereau. The plot was reputedly suggested to James by a story he heard of an illicit attempt to get hold of several of Lord Byron’s letters.

Set in Venice, James winds the tension of the story around the efforts of the anonymous and amoral hero to inveigle his way into the trust of Bordereau via the arms of her spinster sister. James himself hated any form of intrusion into his privacy and the sense of danger with which he fills the story as the papers get closer to being obtained and published stirs the suspense of the story right up until the last paragraph, when the beautiful twist in the tail is revealed.

The Aspern Papers audiobook read by Jeremy Northam is available for immediate download.

Running Time: 3hrs 52mins