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About Comedy

Download Classic Comedy literature from Silksoundbooks. Great value laughter at just $14.95 each. Read by some of the most well known actors of stage, screen & TV, their voices are perfectly suited to comedy- many of them having vast experience playing roles in comedy series and films. Take care when listening to comedy audio books in public places, you may get some strange looks when you burst out laughing on the train!

Browse the catalogue below and download comedy audio today for some thoroughly classic entertainment.

Comedy audio book downloads:

The Just So Stories Audiobook

The Just So Stories Audiobook
Written by Rudyard Kipling
Read by Art Malik

‘In the High and Far off times…’ begins Rudyard Kipling’s ‘How the Elephant got his Trunk’, read by star actor Art Malik in this unabridged audio book. Then off we are taken, by one of the greatest storytellers, into a world where children’s questions are turned neatly on their heads and questions provided which far from stopping the stream of enquiries only serve to make it gush faster.

These astonishingly funny and remarkably clever tales follow on directly from the tale told to Mowgli in the second ‘Jungle Book’ (1895) of ‘How the Tiger got his Stripes’.

Art Malik reads The Just So Stories brilliantly, with the perfect soft and gentle voice… an absolute must for any child (or adult!)

We have embedded Kipling’s own original illustrations into this audiobook so that they will appear on your screen with each chapter, whether you are listening on a computer or your iPod.

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker Audiobook

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker Audiobook
Written by Tobias Smollett
Read by June Whitfield Ioen Meredith Hywel Simons Suzy Aitchison

Humphry Clinker, is an ostler, a stableman at an inn, who is taken on by Matthew Bramble, and his family while they are travelling through England. Various adventures befall them, especially after their meeting with Lieutenant Lismahago, a Scotsman, who joins their party. After various romantic interludes, Humphry suffers false imprisonment but is rescued and returned to his sweetheart, the maid Winifred Jenkins. It is then discovered that Humphry is Mr. Bramble's illegitimate son from a relationship with a barmaid during his wilder university days.

It is written in the form of a series of letters the five members of Squire Bramble’s household send as they journey around Britain. Much of the humour comes from the differing descriptions given by the five characters of the same events

June Whitfield and Co. read the Humphry Clinker audio book with great conviction, and produce a truly remarkable performance worthy of a BBC radio play.

The Aspern Papers Audiobook

The Aspern Papers Audiobook
Written by Henry James
Read by Jeremy Northam

This exclusive audio book, read by the highly acclaimed actor Jeremy Northam is one of the wittiest and most scathing of Henry James’s novellas.

The Aspern Papers chronicles the attempt to extract the valuable letters of the famous and recently deceased poet Jeffrey Aspern from the hands of his past lover and formidable adversary in the battle, Juliana Bordereau. The plot was reputedly suggested to James by a story he heard of an illicit attempt to get hold of several of Lord Byron’s letters.

Set in Venice, James winds the tension of the story around the efforts of the anonymous and amoral hero to inveigle his way into the trust of Bordereau via the arms of her spinster sister. James himself hated any form of intrusion into his privacy and the sense of danger with which he fills the story as the papers get closer to being obtained and published stirs the suspense of the story right up until the last paragraph, when the beautiful twist in the tail is revealed.

The Aspern Papers audiobook read by Jeremy Northam is available for immediate download.

The Chimes Audiobook

The Chimes Audiobook
Written by Charles Dickens
Read by George Cole

The second of Dickens’ five Christmas novels, The Chimes is filled with an array of comic characters. It tells the story of Toby Veck, a humble porter whose loses his faith in human nature at the hands of his presumed social superiors, but regains it thanks to the spirits of the bells.

Like its predecessor, A Christmas Carol, it carries a heartfelt plea for charity and brotherhood and examines such distressing themes as suicide and infanticide, as well as the question of whether the poor have any right to live at all. The book also continues its predecessor’s vigorous satire on the social injustices of its day, and is perhaps more explicit and confrontational in its approach. The supernatural is also present, this time in the form of the spirits of the bells in a church tower.

The Diary of a Nobody Audiobook

The Diary of a Nobody Audiobook
Written by George Grossmith
Read by Geoffrey Palmer

In this very funny unabridged audio book The Diary of A Nobody, read by star actor Geoffrey Palmer, we meet Mr Charles Pooter, a city clerk of lower middle-class status but with significant social aspirations.

Realising that his life does not appear to be remarkable enough to attract the attention of a biographer, he decides to jolly well write one for himself.  The result is his hilarious diary detailing his unconscious gaffes and self-importance, as well as the snubs he receives from those he considers socially inferior.

George Grossmith’s description of the seemingly ordinary life of this most wonderful of nobodies is one of the most entertaining and famously funny books in classical literature.

Geoffrey Palmer’s perfectly lugubrious tones make this a dangerous choice for listening to on the train – laughing out load is inevitable!

Download The Diary of a Nobody audiobook today for just £7.95

The Card Audiobook

The Card Audiobook
Written by Arnold Bennett
Read by Stephen Tompkinson

The highly acclaimed British actor Stephen Tompkinson reads this unabridged audio book of Arnold Bennett's  very amusing novel - The Card.

With tricks of confidence and talent, the hero of the story, Henry Machin, makes his way up the social ladder of a Northern British potteries town to become a nineteenth century celebrity, with all the benefits and pitfalls that brings.

This exclusive and unabridged recording of Arnold Bennett’s The Card is available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.


Evelina Audiobook

Evelina Audiobook
Written by Frances Burney
Read by Finty Williams Judi Dench Geoffrey Palmer

Dame Judi Dench leads an all-star cast  in this unabridged audio book of Frances Burney’s wickedly funny eighteenth century best-seller Evelina.

The novel follows the trials and romantic adventures of a young beauty as she tries to make her way through Eighteenth Century Britain handicapped by her three great problems, being poor, being illegitimate – and being a girl.

This unabridged and exclusive recording by Finty Williams, Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer is available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Audiobook

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Audiobook
Written by Jerome K Jerome
Read by Nickolas Grace

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog), read as an unabridged audio book by star performer Nickolas Grace,  was intended to be a serious travel guide. It failed dismally in this respect, but succeeded in becoming an hilarious account of a boating holiday on the Thames, between Kingston and Oxford.

The three men were based on the author and two of his friends. The holiday was a typical boating holiday of its time carried out on what was known as a Thames Camping Skiff. The dog, Montmorency, however, was entirely fictional, but, as Jerome remarked, *had much of me in it.*

The book was denounced as “vulgar” by the literary establishment, but it was hugely popular amongst what were known as the clerking classes who yearned to be “free from that fretful haste, that vehement striving that is every day becoming more and more the bane of nineteenth century life”. It has coined one of the great quotes about the pressures of the modern working life – “I like work. It fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.”

The Chronicles of Clovis Audiobook

The Chronicles of Clovis Audiobook
Written by Saki H H Munro
Read by Ian Richardson CBE

The Chronicles of Clovis, published in 1911, was the third in Saki (H H Munro)’s series of delightfully vicious stories. As an insider, Saki was ideally poised to eviscerate the Edwardian middle class way of life, and his pitiless and magnetic sense of humour teamed with an ability to wield that sharpest of writer’s tools, the (very) short story, make these some of the funniest and most quotable of tales. Ian Richardson is simply stunning in what has become one of his last works - The Chronicles of Clovis audiobook by Saki (H H Munro)

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