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About Childrens Books

Bedtime stories for children – for generations of children bedtime stories have been an essential part of growing up - fuelling the imagination and providing a peaceful & magical sleep. There really is nothing better for a child than a wonderful story being read to them at bedtime, plus they’re great for that all important early learning stage.
Our books are ideal as they're read by some of the most creative actors, who have been chosen with their voices in mind so that they suit their books perfectly.

Here are some suggestions for some beautifully read children’s books for bedtime, long car journeys, or just to keep them entertained…

Childrens Books audio book downloads:

Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There Audiobook

Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There Audiobook
Written by Lewis Carroll
Read by Julia McKenzie

Star actress Julia McKenzie reads this unabridged audio book of Alice Through the Looking Glass, the second of Lewis Carroll’s whimsical tales following the character of Alice into a wild and fantastical world where nothing is as it should be and all systems of logic and reason seem to be turned upside down.

The story of how the adventures that Alice has in Wonderland came to be written, and the author’s association with the Liddell family – and Alice Liddell in particular – is now the stuff of legend. One summer afternoon in 1862, the author, in the company of the Reverend Robinson Duckworth, took the three Liddell sisters, Lorina Charlotte, Alice Pleasance and Edith Mary out in a rowing boat on the River Thames, near Oxford. On that boat trip, he entertained the girls by telling them a story about a bored little girl called Alice who goes looking for an adventure. Alice, aged 10, loved the story so much, she asked Dodgson to write it down for her.

Download Julia McKenzie reading the audiobook Alice Through the Looking Glass and enjoy listening to this wonderful story for only £7.95 

The Water Babies Audiobook

The Water Babies Audiobook
Written by Charles Kingsley
Read by Nichola McAuliffe

There are very few children’s stories that have raised as much outrage in grown up politics as The Water Babies did when it first appeared in 1863. It was written by Charles Kingsley for his own little boy and shortly after he had been made tutor to the Prince of Wales. It seems fairly innocent at first, suggesting the gentle idea that when the poor little tykes who were used as human chimney brushes in the nineteenth century died, they were turned into water babies, small amphibious cherubs who headed off to paradise via an exciting and educational journey upstream in The Great River.

Innocent it wasn’t however, it changed minds, laws and eventually lives. Tom the young chimney sweep was responsible for more heartache amongst right thinking Victorians than any slightly wicked young chap off on an adventure has a right to be. This book is in fact a highly eloquent plea for the rights of child labourers, it also openly used the ideas of Darwin’s scandalous Theory of Evolution, and even put forward one of the earliest cries against pollution, but all this is hidden in one of the most moving and affecting children’s stories of all time.

The Secret Garden Audiobook

The Secret Garden Audiobook
Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Read by Virginia McKenna OBE

The celebrated English actress Virginia McKenna OBE reads this delightful unabridged audiobook of one of  Frances Hodgson Burnett's most popular novels. The Secret Garden has been adapted for film, stage and television, but it is hard to beat this wonderful audio book reading of the original story.

What the Narnia books did for wardrobes, The Secret Garden did for the walled garden. Few readers can fail to share with Mary Lennox that inexplicable thrill of anticipation at the notion of an enclosed and secret world, bursting with potential life and beauty but remaining hidden from view.

When she finds the key to the secret garden, Mary embarks on a journey of self-discovery and enables other characters in the novel to open doors and windows into their own lives, bringing vitality and vigour back to the inhabitants of Misselthwaite Manor. The author’s interest in Theosophy is perhaps reflected in the journey of the crippled Colin, who believes he can heal himself through positive thinking. And, as the roses return to the garden, so they bloom in Mary’s cheeks - as she discovers an ancient and timeless magic that every gardener will recognise and understand.

The Railway Children Audiobook

The Railway Children Audiobook
Written by Edith Nesbit
Read by Margaret Tyzack

Forced by the wrongful arrest of their father on spying charges to move from their idyllic life to a rundown cottage by a railway line, three children battle through to one of the greatest tear jerking happy endings of them all in this superb children’s classic novel by Edith Nesbit. Margaret Tyzack brings to life the joys and adversities of the delightful Waterbury family lovingly and touchingly in this unabridged audio book of The Railway Children available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.

The Just So Stories Audiobook

The Just So Stories Audiobook
Written by Rudyard Kipling
Read by Art Malik

‘In the High and Far off times…’ begins Rudyard Kipling’s ‘How the Elephant got his Trunk’, read by star actor Art Malik in this unabridged audio book. Then off we are taken, by one of the greatest storytellers, into a world where children’s questions are turned neatly on their heads and questions provided which far from stopping the stream of enquiries only serve to make it gush faster.

These astonishingly funny and remarkably clever tales follow on directly from the tale told to Mowgli in the second ‘Jungle Book’ (1895) of ‘How the Tiger got his Stripes’.

Art Malik reads The Just So Stories brilliantly, with the perfect soft and gentle voice… an absolute must for any child (or adult!)

We have embedded Kipling’s own original illustrations into this audiobook so that they will appear on your screen with each chapter, whether you are listening on a computer or your iPod.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Audiobook

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Audiobook
Written by Lewis Carroll
Read by Julia McKenzie

The Silksoundbooks audio book Alice in Wonderland, read by star actress Julia McKenzie starts with Alice on a rather unadventurous picnic...  but as her attention wanders she is suddenly brought face to face with a passing white rabbit who happens to be wearing a waistcoat and muttering to himself “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”.

As he disappears down a rabbit hole and Alice, for want of anything better to do, follows him, she finds herself in Wonderland – a fantastical world where the characters Alice meets and the situations in which she finds herself have the whiff of symbol and allegory about them, but are much too funny to be pinned down as such.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  is read by Julia McKenzie as an unabridged audiobook and is  perfect for children of all ages

Black Beauty Audiobook

Black Beauty Audiobook
Written by Anna Sewell
Read by Colin Salmon

In this unabridged audio book, star actor Colin Salmon reads one of the most famous children’s stories ever written.   Black Beauty  is the story of the highly spirited and gorgeous black stallion and his transfer from owner to increasingly abusive owner until his final happy rescue.

The book was originally intended to be a campaigning work distributed to those who worked with horses in the middle of the nineteenth century, but has become a firm favourite with children of all ages!

The Snow Queen and other Fairy Stories Audiobook

The Snow Queen and other Fairy Stories Audiobook
Written by Hans Christian Andersen
Read by Greta Scacchi

The astonishingly sharp original versions of some of Hans Christian Andersen’s best loved stories are brought vividly to life in this marvellous audio book for download. Classic Fairy Tales such as The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen are given a glittering reading by Greta Scacchi in this classic and exclusive recording available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.

Fairy Stories Audiobook

Fairy Stories Audiobook
Written by The Brothers Grimm
Read by Anna Massey

The award winning British actress Anna Massey CBE reads a collection of highly entertaining fairy stories and folk tales written by The Brothers Grimm.  These stories, including  Cinderella and Rapunzel are not the predictable yarns about Unicorns and magic, they are definitely somewhat darker!

Brought to life by Anna's wonderful talent for creating original voices,  these original versions of the classic Fairy Stories are not only surprising – they’re really rather shocking! 

This unabridged audio book is available in MP3 and iPod audiobook format for you to download exclusively from Silksoundbooks.

Nursery Rhymes Audiobook

Nursery Rhymes Audiobook
Written by Anonymous
Read by Jane Horrocks

The wonderful 'Little Voice' of Jane Horrocks brings this exclusive downloadable audiobook collection of your favourite childhood Nursery Rhymes out of the dust covers of Mother Goose’s books and into strange and merry life.

Recorded with all the, often surprising, original words and verses this classic audiobook is absolutely perfect for very young children learning to speak!

Available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download and enjoy immediately.

Treasure Island Audiobook

Treasure Island Audiobook
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Read by Timothy West

This highly entertaining audio book, read by star actor Timothy West, was first conceived during a rainy summer holiday in the Highlands of Scotland in an attempt to amuse the author's step-son.  Treasure Island began with the map - young Lloyd Osbourne had drawn a crude version of an island and Stevenson, looking over the boy’s shoulder began to elaborate, christening various curves and smudges the famed names of Skeleton Island, Spyglass Hill and finally adding the three red crosses marking the buried treasure. From this gentlest of beginnings has come one of the fiercest and best loved novels of piracy and fortune in the history of literature. It is Lloyd’s lasting legacy that he insisted there be no girls in the story!

It tells the story of Jim Hawkins who having acquired a map to the vast treasure of the fabled Captain Flint, sets out with a sponsor, Squire Trelawney, who has been tricked into crewing up his ship with the remaining members of the notorious Flint’s band of pirates. Mutiny, maroonings and treasure follow, with the wonderful character of Long John Silver, not only providing a truly sophisticated analysis of the fact that morality is never simple but also forever fixing peg legs and parrots as the only uniform of the true buccaneer.

Tom Brown's Schooldays Audiobook

Tom Brown's Schooldays Audiobook
Written by Thomas Hughes
Read by Hugh Bonneville

The ultimate tale of bullying and how to survive it, Thomas Hughes’ hugely successful novel Tom Brown’s Schooldays charts a young boy’s tough but formative years at Rugby School and his battle with the great schoolboy baddie - Flashman. This unabridged classic audio book is brought to robust life in the lively and exhilarating reading exclusively recorded for us by Hugh Bonneville and available in MP3 or iPod audiobook format for you to download immediately.

Kidnapped Audiobook

Kidnapped Audiobook
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Read by Nicholas Rowe

This unabridged audio book download of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped, read by star actor Nicholas Rowe, starts with the newly orphaned David Balfour travelling to his uncle’s terrifying House of Shaws.

Having failed in an attempt to murder young David the miserly Ebeneezer Balfour, who would rather keep the fortune to which the child is now entitled, arranges for a kidnapping aboard a ship bound for the New World. A fortunate collision with a small craft from France carrying young Balfour’s saviour in the shape of Alan Breck Stewart, saves the boy from the intended slavery and sets him on the extraordinary journey across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland that has become one of the most famous adventure stories of our time.

Download the unabridged audio book Kidnapped  read by Nicholas Rowe today for just £7.95

Robinson Crusoe Audiobook

Robinson Crusoe Audiobook
Written by Daniel Defoe
Read by David Warner

This unabridged audio book of Daniel Defoe’s adventure story of the marooned mariner Robinson Crusoe is wonderfully painted for us by the compelling voice of David Warner.

Crusoe leaves England, setting sail from Hull on a sea voyage in September, 1651, against the wishes of his parents. After several voyages he is shipwrecked on a remote tropical island in the south pacific. Spending 28 years there, Crusoe encounters native Americans, captives, cannibals and mutineers before being rescued.

Download Robinson Crusoe as an audiobook for your iPod or mp3 player  read by David Warner for just £7.95

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